Rick and I (Deb) are recent retirees who are living our dream of traveling the world. We are a Canadian couple who call London Ontario home. We don’t have kids but we have a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier named “Jack” who is living with my parents and surely enjoying extra attention.

Rick is a lover of food, wine, beer and sports, and he is our photographer; since he is a former software developer, he does the tech support for our blog LovingLifeOnTheGo.com. I love animals, so they will be a recurring theme in our blog, and I do the writing and most of the Instagram and Facebook posts. I have a varied background in business and non-profit management. In preparation for our travels, I became a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Credit for our logo goes to our seven year old nephew, Mateo Brady!

Our blog goals are to share our travel adventures, cultural experiences, and travel tips while documenting our attempt to travel full time on a budget. You will notice that we seek input from our readers so please share your thoughts.

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